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Mmm must be Mccafé®

Experience the full-bodied flavour and enticing aroma of 100% fine Arabica beans that'll leave you saying "Mmm.." with each sip.

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WESTJET Stewardess with McCafé Premium Roast Coffee

McCafe | A new way to Cafe

Discover the rich, bold flavour of McCafé® Premium Roast, now served on WestJet.

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Rainforest alliance certified espresso

All our McCafé® specialty coffees are made with 100% fine Arabica beans. We source our beans from farms in Indonesia and Central and South America, which means our beans are grown and harvested with great respect and care for people, wildlife, and the environment.

Signature Blend

Beans from Indonesia, Central and South America.
Specially blended for Canadian coffee lovers.

From halfway around the world, to your McCafé® specialty cup. Made with beans sourced from Indonesia and Central and South America, our signature blend is designed especially for Canadian coffee lovers.

A Better

Arabica beans are picked from the very top of the growing area.

The heart and soul of a great coffee. We use 100% fine Arabica Beans, dark roasted by fire to highest espresso standards to deliver a rich full-bodied flavour.

Three Perfect Roasts


Sustainability Rainforest Logo with Coffee beans

Premium Roast

Coffee Beans


Coffee Beans

Our Rainforest Alliance Certified beans are roasted by fire to highest espresso standards for the ideal flavour. In addition to respected growing regions in Central and South America, our McCafé® espresso bean blend now includes Indonesia to deliver more depth, complexity and body with a bit of sweetness.

The perfect medium-dark roast, delivering a consistently rich, smooth and delicious taste. Made with strictly hard beans grown at high altitudes to allow more time for the flavour to develop, and fire-roasted the traditional way by master craftsmen.

Made from high quality 100% fine Arabica beans roasted slightly darker than medium. The unique SWISS WATER Process is 100% chemical free, and uses B.C. coast mountain water to naturally remove the caffeine and preserve the perfectly balanced flavour of our Premium Roast.

Our blend
A better bean
Our roasts

The Perfect Cup

We create your McCafé® specialty coffee using our new state of the art speciality coffee system, designed to highlight the rich, full-bodied flavour and enticing aroma of our signature espresso. Balanced with fresh Canadian milk steamed and perfectly frothed, our system delivers the ideal coffee experience every time.